- Whole and Half Animals -

Why buy a whole or half animal?

1. Save money! 10 - 18%!

2. Get it processed the way you like.

3. Have a nice stockpile, so you can stay home more (and save more money that way).

4. Have your animal pay for your freezer! If you do not have a freezer, don’t worry, you can buy a used freezer for around $100, which would be less than the money you save when buying a half animal!

The next steps are a $100 deposit at our webstore: 


Our beef is 100% grassfed, raised without chemical wormers, chemicals on the land or hay, antibiotics, or hormones.

We c
harge by the animal's hanging weight.  For a whole we charge $4.80/lb. For a half, we charge $4.90/lb. hanging weight. (Hanging weights are usually in the 600-800 lb range.)


You pay for the processing costs, which is about $1.00/lb, depending on how you have the beef cut. 


Here is an example of a whole 530 lb. hanging weight steer (a little on the smaller side). I kept the rounds as roasts, but of course, you can cut steaks, grind, or cut roasts as it suits you. This was my yield:

23 lbs. Ribeye Steak
15 lbs. Sirloin Strip
11 lbs. NY Strip
7 lbs. Filet
4 lbs. Ranch Steak
6 lbs. Denver Steak
5 lbs. Chuck Eye Steak
5 lbs. Flat Iron Steak
3 lbs. Tri Tip
3 lbs. Flank Steak
1 lb. Hanger Steak
115 lbs. Ground Beef 
18 lbs. Beef Bratwurst
10 lbs. Kabob Meat
23 lbs. Stew Meat
16 lbs. Shaved Steak
28 lbs. Short Ribs
23 lbs. Trimmed Brisket
17 lbs. Chuck Roasts
5 lbs. Eye Round Roasts
17 lbs. Top Round Steaks
14 lbs. Liver
3 lbs. Kidneys
3 lbs. Heart
2 lbs. Tongue
1.5 lbs. Ox Tail
0.40 lbs. Sweetbread
81 lbs. Bones

Total weight 464 lbs. (This does not include the fat, which you are welcome to have.)

If you bought it whole it would cost you $3,895.08 ($677.40 of which is processing) including tax and processing. 

In comparison, if you were to buy the same amount of beef as cuts from our Farm Store (buying retail and not the whole steer) this would cost you around $4,341.98. Buying the whole steer would save you around $447, or 10%. 

If you bought a half of it, it would cost you $1,981 ($339 of which is processing). Buying half a steer you would be saving around $190, or 9% savings.

To give you an idea on storing the meat, each beef half usually fits in 4 legal size file boxes.


We raise our pigs on pasture and in the woods, on non-GMO grains, and without antibiotics, chemical wormers, chemicals on the land, chemical washes on the carcass, or MSG/nitrates/phosphates/chemical preservatives in the pork!

We charge by the animal's hanging weight.  For a whole pig it is $3.40/lb. For a half, we charge $3.55/lb. 


You pay for the processing, which usually works out to about $1.50/lb of hanging weight, depending on how you get the pork cut.


A 200 pound hanging weight pig would yield:

34 lbs. loin/chops
20 lbs. bacon/sidemeat
30 lbs. shoulder
27 lbs. ham
10 lbs. sausage
5 lbs. ribs
7 lbs. bones
24 lbs. fat
3 lbs. jowl

Total finish weight: 160 lbs.

If you bought it whole, had the hams and bacon cured and smoked, it would cost you $1,036.50. If you ground the hams or did not cure the pork belly into bacon it would cost less. If you purchased in-store this would cost $1,151.59. That’s 10% in savings!

*Suckling Pig Procedure

Unfortunately, our local slaughterhouse is not licensed to scald and scrape the pigs to keep the skin on which is what most people want for their roast. However, we can arrange for our farmer friends to deliver a pig here for you to pickup. They are $5.50/lb. and pickup is available Thursday afternoons. If you would like to continue with you order please contact info@whiffletreefarmva.com at least three weeks prior to delivery date.

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