Our Spring 2020 Hen Sale will be the second week of May.

We will be selling about 800 hens!

We typically run two flocks of about 800 to 1,000 hens, each of which we keep for a year.  We sell our year-old flocks twice in the Spring and in the Fall.  Below are all the details regarding hen reservation, pick-up logistics, and the hens themselves.   

We often sell out, so please reserve your hens sooner rather than later!

Reserving Your Hens

  1. You may reserve hens anytime for the next hen sale.  

  2. Please read all the other details below before reserving your hens.

  3. To reserve your hens, pay the deposit by clicking one of the product items below.  Once paid your hens will be reserved.  

  4. If you purchase 1-24 hens they are $6/bird.  If you purchase 25-49 hens they are $5/bird.  if you purchase 50 or more hens they are $4/bird. 

  5. In the event that you purchase but do not pick up your hens we will not issue a refund as it takes us time to find a new home for the hens.  

Picking Up Your Hens


  1. You will be responsible for crating and transporting the hens.

  2. Pick up will be at or after dusk, as the hens will be much easier for you to catch after they have bedded down for the night. 

  3. A week prior to the pick up we will email you instructions for picking up the hens. 

About the Hens


  1. They are red sex-link chickens, raised on pasture with non-gmo feed, and have never received antibiotics.

  2. They are fully beaked.

  3. The hens will turn 18 months about a month and a half after the sale and will enter their first molt at that time. This means that their egg production will be decreasing. Their production will pick back up again within 4-6 weeks.

  4. Once their production does pick back up, with proper water, lighting, and feed access, you should get 4-5 eggs per chicken per week. 

Reserve Your Hens:

Laying Hen:1 - 24 hens


Laying Hen: 25-49 hens


Laying Hen: 50+ hens


8717 Springs Road, Warrenton, VA 20186

(540) 229-5192

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