- Farming Practices -

We raise chicken, eggs, turkey, pork and beef all on pasture and without any GMO feed, chemicals, hormones, or antibiotics (except in rare life-threatening situations for our cattle).  Our goal is to farm in a way that is good for all parties involved: the land, the animals, our families, our customers, and our community.  We do that by respecting the needs of the land and the animals, working in coordination with nature.  

Every morning we move our meat chickens onto fresh pasture.  Additionally they receive a non-gmo feed.  Because the chickens always have fresh forage in front of themthey are more likely to eat more forage, which makes them healthier and tastier.  

Our laying hens have wide open spaces.  We move their egg mobiles to fresh ground three times a week so that they always have fresh forage.  In addition to the forage, the hens receive a non-gmo feed.

We move our cattle to fresh pasture daily.  This means they are eating a balanced diet (not just eating the sweetest grass), they graze evenly (protecting plan diversity), and fertilize adequately.  They are 100% grass-fed.

Our pigs enjoy rooting for vegetation on pasture and nuts in the woods.  They love sticking their noses in the dirt and rolling in the mud wallows they create.  In addition they receive and non-gmo feed.

Our turkeys enjoy the expanse of our "race track field" and are moved regularly to fresh pasture so that they can gobble (pun intended) down the grass.  Turkeys are excellent foragers and the deep flavor of these birds reflects that.  The turkeys also get a non-gmo feed.

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