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2015 Product List

Product/price list

FARMING PRACTICES! All of our animals are frequently moved onto fresh pasture. (For example, our meat chickens are moved onto fresh pasture twice each day!)  In addition to grass and bugs, our meat chickens, turkeys, laying hens, and pigs are fed a non-genetically modified feed.  Our beef cattle are 100% grass-fed.  None of the products (i.e., bacon and sausage) includes MSG, chemical preservatives, nitrates, phosphates, etc.  We process all poultry ourselves on the farm. *If you are buying at a delivery (not from the Farm Store), there is an extra $.35/lb. delivery fee.*


SALE! Boneless/skinless breast  $11.00/lb (was $13)  (Package of 2 breasts and 2 tenders is 1-2 lbs.)
Leg/thigh quarters  $4.75/lb.  (Package of 2 leg/thigh quarters is 1.4-2 lbs.)
Wings  $4.25/lb.  (Package of 4 wings is 1-2 lbs.)
Backs and Necks  $2.00/lb.  (Package of 2 backs and necks is 2-4 lbs.)

Whole Pastured Cornish Cross Chicken  $3.75/lb.  (4-6 lbs.)
Ten or More Whole Pasture Chickens $3.50/lb. (4-6 lbs.)
SALE! Whole Pastured Freedom Ranger Chicken  $4.25/lb (was $4.50)
SALE! Whole Pastured Soy-Free Chicken $2.45/lb (was $4.50) (These chickens receive non-GMO legumes (alfalfa, field peas, etc.) instead of non-GMO roasted soybeans.)
Whole Pasture Stewing Chicken $3.00/lb. (2.5-4.5 lbs.) SOLD OUT UNTIL SEPTEMBER.
SALE! Chicken livers $2.00/lb (was $3).  (1-2 lb. packages)
SALE! Chicken hearts $2.00/lb (was $3). (1-2 lb. packages)
SALE! Chicken feet $1.00/lb (was $2). (.7 lb. packages, around 8 feet) (Great for stock!)
Chicken heads $2.00/lb. (1 lb. packages) (Great for stock!)
Large Pastured Eggs  $4.50/dozen, Extra-Large Pastured eggs $5.00/dozen, Jumbo Pastured Eggs $5.50/dozen

Chicken Stock $11.00/quart


Raised on fresh pasture, with no GMO feeds, antibiotics, chemicals, vaccines, etc.!
Turkeys (21-28 lbs) $4.50/lb.
Turkey bone-in/skin-on breasts (1 breast/package, around 3 lbs.) $12.00/lb.
Turkey drumsticks (2/package) $4.75/lb.
Turkey wings (2/package) $4.25/lb.
Turkey backs/necks/bones (around 5 lbs.) $2.00/lb.
Ground turkey (skinless breast and thigh meat) (1 lb. packages) $13.00/lb.


Bacon $13.00/lb.  (1 lb. packages)  No MSG, nitrates, phosphates, or chemical presevatives in the brine.
SALE! Canadian Bacon $13.50/lb (was $14.50).
Bulk sage sausage $6.00/lb. (1 lb. packages)  No MSG, no chemical preservatives!
Bulk Mild Italian sausage $6.00/lb. (1 lb. packages)  No MSG, no chemical preservatives, no sugar!   
Italian sausage grillers $8.00/lb. (.85 lb. 4 grillers/package)  No MSG, no chemical preservatives, no sugar! 
Bulk ground pork $6.00/lb. (1 lb. packages) 
SALE! Pork Chops $8.50/lb (was $10). (1-2 lb. packages with 2 chops, 1″ thick)
SALE! Boneless Loin Roast $10.50/lb (was $12).  (3 lb. roasts)
Shoulder/Boston Butt $7.00/lb. (4.5 – 5.5 lb. roasts)
Ribs $6.00/lb. (.8 – 1.8 lb. packages)  
Cured and Smoked Ham $8.00/lb. (3 and 5 lb. roasts)  No MSG, nitrates, phosphates, or chemical preservatives in the brine.
Cured and Smoked Ham Steak (3/4″ thick) $8.00/lb. No MSG, nitrates, phosphates, or chemical preservatives in the brine.
Pork Back and Leaf Fat  $1.00/lb.  (3-5 lb. packages)

Pork Jowl (.75 lb.) $3.00/lb.
Pork liver, heart, tongue, bones  $.50/lb (.5 – 2.5 lb.)


100% Grassfed Beef! 

Most of our beef is from our cattle, but our herd is growing! So in the meantime we supplement our beef with beef from our friends at Over the Grass Farm. Theirs, like ours, is 100% grassfed, no chemicals on the land, no chemical wormers, no vaccines, no chemical washes!

Ground Beef $7.50  (1 lb. packages)  
Stew Meat $7.50/lb. 
Soup Bones $5.00/lb  (2 – 3 lb. packages)
Bones $1.00/lb (2 – 3 lb. packages)
Ox Tail $6.00/lb. (.4 lb.) 
Liver $6.00/lb.  (around 1.3 lb packages)   
Tongue $5.00/lb. 
Heart $5.00/lb.  (.3 – .5 lb. packages) 
Fat $1.00/lb. (3 lb. packages)
Short Ribs $8.00/lb. (1.5 – 2.0 lbs.)
Skirt Steak $16.00/lb. (1.2 lbs.)
Sirloin Strip $16.00/lb. (.5 lb.)
Rib Steak (“Ribeye”) $16.00/lb. (.5 lb.)
Hanging Tender $16.00/lb.  (.5 – .7 lb.)
Delmonico $16.00/lb. (.5 lb.)
T-Bone Steak $21.00/lb. (.5 lb.)
Porter House Steak $21.00/lb. (.6 lb.)
New York Strip $21.00/lb. (.5 lb.)
Flank Steak $21.00/lb. (.6 lb)
Filet $27.00/lb. (.3 lb.)

Eye Round Roast $10.00/lb.  (around 3 lbs.)
Bottom or Top Round Roast $10.00/lb.  (around 3 lbs.)
Sirloin Tip Roast $10.00/lb.  (around 3 lbs.)
Chuck Roast $10.00/lb.  (around 3 lbs.)
Rib Roast (aka “Prime Rib”) $16.00/lb. (around 3 lbs.)
Brisket $16.00/lb.  (5 lbs.)   

Our Friend’s Food that We Sell!

Laconiko Olive Oil

Laconiko Olive Oil 500mL/16.9fl.oz is $25. Laconiko olive oil is a fourth generation family of olive oil producers whose estate is on the sandy beaches of Southern Peloponnese, just outside Sparti, Greece. The relatively small number of olive trees on their estate, surrounded by orange and grapefruit trees, allows for an olive oil that is unique and wonderful. The family is committed to bringing a true extra virgin olive oil to the States, this years harvest has a low acidity of 0.13% (to be an extra virgin acidity must be below 0.8%). Brothers, Diamantis and Dino, reside in Gainesville, VA, but take turns returning to their family’s olive estate to work the land with their father. Laconiko olive oil is on Weston A. Price’s “best” list for their shopping guide. http://laconiko.com/index.html

Wild Salmon

Wild Caught Bristol Bay, Alaskan Salmon Filet Portions $18/lb. (.4 lb.). We came across a northern Virginia native who has relocated to Bristol Bay Alaska as a fisherman! Here is the fisherman’s description: “Wild caught in Bristol Bay, Alaska, the largest true certified wild sustainable salmon fishery in the world. After being caught, fish are bled on the spot for higher quality, then stored in 33-35 degree refrigerated seawater until off loaded to tender-ships. Tender-ships transport the salmon from the fishing grounds to the salmon processing plant where the fish are filleted, de-boned and flash frozen. This entire process takes place from the water to the freezer all within 24-30 hours. I have been a Professional Commercial Fishermen in Bristol Bay, Alaska, for seven years. Originally growing up in Fairfax, Virginia I started off by bringing back personally caught fish for family and friends to enjoy. After taking extreme care of our fish on the fishermen’s side, I have seen the poor quality of salmon offered in local stores. Therefore, I am offering the highest quality salmon available. Our salmon comes directly from me the fishermen then to you, the consumer.”


MTO Kombucha. 16 fl. oz. $4.00 www.mtokombucha.com
A great local kombucha business! Kombucha is a non-alcoholic fermented tea that is good for your digestive and immune systems and is TASTY! Naturally infused flavors: mint, lime-basil, lemon-rosemary, strawberry, cranberry-pomengranite, vanilla-chocolate-coffee, double ginger.

Local, Organic Applesauce

Organic Applesauce ($5/pint) from our friends at the Farm at Sunnyside in Washington Virginia! No other ingredients than their organic apples! http://thefarmatsunnyside.com/

Grassfed Lamb

Over the Grass Farm’s Ground Lamb. $10/lb. 1 lb. packages. 100% grassfed, no chemicals on the land!
Over the Grass Farm’s Lamb Sage Sausage links and grillers. $11/lb. 1 lb. packages. No MSG or chemical preservatives!
Over the Grass Farm’s Whole Bone-in Lamb Shoulder Roast. $12/lb. 3 lb. Roast.
Over the Grass Farm’s Lamb Shoulder Steaks. $12/lb. 1.0 – 1.5 lb. Steaks. 1 steak per package.
Over the Grass Farm’s Lamb Shanks. $12/lb. 2 – 3 lbs.
Over the Grass Farm’s Lamb Leg Steaks. $12/lb. 1.0 – 1.5 lb. Steaks. 1 steak per package.
Over the Grass Farm’s Lamb Rib and Loin Chops. $15/lb. .5 lb.

All Natural Soap from our Pigs’ Lard

Three Little Pigs Lavender, Clove, Pomander (orange and clove), peppermint, “sensitive skin” soap ($6), and tea tree shampoo bar ($7). 4oz. Made by our friend April Barker from our pigs’ lard, coconut oil, and the essential oil only! None of the conventional toxic additives!

Soaked, Organic Sourdough Bread

Suzie Sunday Treat’s Soaked Organic Sourdough Spelt or Wheat Bread. Wheat Bread $7 and Spelt Bread $6. Made by our friend Sue Kosten from organic spelt or wheat flour, Celtic sea salt, and filtered water! Fresh on Saturdays. Will be frozen otherwise. At this point we only get 7 loaves/week, so first come first serve! Here is some good information on the benefits of soaking grains. http://www.westonaprice.org/food-features/be-kind-to-your-grains
Soaked, organic oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and oatmeal raisin cookies. $2/ea.
Organic, gluten free chocolate energy bar. $4/ea.

Raw Honey, Organic Teas, Organic Lip Balm!

Stallard Road Farm! Raw, Unfiltered Honey $8.50/lb. $6/tea. $3/lip balm. $10/Healer’s Salve.

Fermented Cod Liver Oil!

Green Pasture Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil! “Cinnamon Tingle,” “Arctic Mint,” and “Oslo Orange” flavors. 8 fluid ounces/118 servings. $36/each.

Pasture-raised, Raw Milk!

Whiffletree is a drop point for the Mick’s Pasture-Raised Raw Milk! Contact Theresa Mick at (540) 937-3531 to get information on signing up!

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